Finally, I finished my book on analog photography bearing the under title “Guide to better analog photography for beginners.”

For a number of years I have had a minor shop, dealing with older cameras both analog and digital. Recently, I’we seen the huge rise in the interest for analog photography, and the prices on the market has been rising for these dated cameras. Concurrently, my adds for the cameras I sell have seen a lot of communication. Questions regarding what camera to choose, which type of lens, what film to use etc. has been posed.

Therefore, I decided, in view of my almost 60 years as a photographer and my experience writing books, I would write a guide for beginners in the analog photography using film in rolls. It should be a book that answered most of the questions I was posed, when I sold a camera, or that were posed on my camera adds.

That work ended recently in a book, that I published at my usual self publishing site, Books on Demand or abbreviated BoD. The first version is written in Danish, but I’m already busy translating it to English. I suppose it will be available in less then two month after the first version. UPDATE: English version published May 2022.

If you are interested in the current versions, it can be obtained directly from the publisher here: For the danish version Analog fotografi and for the english version Analog Photography