WHAT: I am currently writing a book on photographing panoramas or more specifically about in-camera panoramic images. What that means is, that the book covers techniques for producing images of aspect ratios from around 1:2 (height to length ratio) and beyond, but only techniques that allow you to do this directly in the camera i.e. no post-production image stitching techniques are described.

WHY: The reason for my angle on this theme is the same that in recent years have drawn me back to analog photography. It makes me focus more on the taking proces than on producing the image I want in post-production. I want to reduce my time behind the the computer screen and spend more time taking photographs. I want to focus much more on visualising my desired image during the image taking proces than working to achieve the result my image manipulation afterwards.

WHEN: By showing you a lot of panoramic images shot by a load of different cameras and using different technique, my book will hopefully be an inspiration for other photographers. I published the book in early 2021, but will be presenting some images, some technique, and camera description on these pages as well – starting NOW 🙂

WHICH: The cameras used for this project are of a wide variety of both very old like Kodak Vest Pocket from the 1920’s, and very new like some digital cameras from recent years. It will also cover cameras that uses peculiar methods to produce a panoramic image like the Horizon Kompakt with its swinging lens that sweeps the area in front of the camera, and some strange pinhole cameras with a huge curved film plane are also included.

I hope you will have fun reading here, and will eventually support my project by obtaining my book. You can read a little more about the book, and you also find a link to the bookstore her: Panoramic images.

Waterfall in Iceland
View from high on Mustagh Ata, a 7500 meter mountain in Xinjiang
Sunset from my home

Happy shooting from Bo.