Recently, beginning of december 2023, I received a new lens from Hasselblad, the XCD 90V f2.5 lens, a lens I paid for in september 2022. They must have had serious problems finalizing this lens, and I guess that the 1/4000 shutter speed leaf shutter on a telephoto lens with large glas was the main reason. No one has ever made such a lens, and I waited with patience, finally it’s here.

Since the launch of the Hasselblad X2D camera in september 2022, Hasselblad has released the above three lenses, some of them together with the camera, but the 90mm has been a long time coming. Furthermore, they have released a miniscule 28mm lens during this year, the XCD 28p f4 lens, that I have also acquired. You can see my review of that lens here on youtube: (click on the image below).

Regarding the 90V, I’m already amazed with that lens. It is very well build, has lots of functionality, like a function ring that can have clicks or no clicks, a focus ring that makes you easily switch between fully manual focus and automatic focus with manual override. But most importantly, it is insanely sharp and delivers the very best image quality. Put the 1/4000 second leaf shutter on top of this, and you have one of the best short telephoto lenses ever produced. Very well done Hasselblad.

I haven’t had the XCD 90V lens for that long, so I still haven’t made a thorough review of this brand new lens, but I made a first impressions video on it, that you can find on youtube: (click on image below).