I have spent many years guiding in the Himalayas on mountaineering and trekking trips and most of these expeditions have started from Kathmandu. Living there for more than a month some years ago due to a cancelled expedition, I decided to complete what I had been thinking of for several years, writing a book on the poor people that live in the capital of Nepal.

The book came to existense through a number of interviews with people of different backgrounds and way of living. It is an image based narrative of their poverty and documents the hard lives of some of the most poor people: beggars, shoe polishers, tiger balm sellers etc.

How do these people get by? Can they afford to send their children to school? Where do they live? How is their family life? These and many other questions I sought to find the answers for and document in my little book.

You can buy the book on amazon and other online book stores, but you support me the best by buying it directly from the publisher Book on Demand via the link below.