A project that I have started recently is shooting socalled half-frames. But what is a half-frame? It is images shot on cameras that only expose half an 35mm 24×36 mm frame in one image, and there is also some square formats like 24×24 mm. That means that it is a very small format and can give you some challenges with grain, that is if you don’t like grain.

For me the motivation to shot half-frames is to make small stories consisting of to images (or sometimes several but usually a multiplum of 2) and then scan them like normal 24×36. That way I will have the two or more images, that make up the story, in one image, like in the two-image examples below.

One of the challenges doing it this way is, that I have to shoot the images consequtively, and in the right order for the story, otherwise I cannot scan the complete story in one go. I know that this is a challenge, that I put upon myself and not necessarily one that my viewers care about. Anyway, it is one of those self-imposed challenges that I feel make me more creative as it requires me to previsualise not only one image but the whole story, and how the images fit together.

I plan to make a whole book with these small multi-image stories.

Camera: Canon Demi S shot on Dimax 200 colour negative film
Camera: Canon Demi S shot on Dimax 200 colour negative film

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