WHAT: I am currently writing a book on pinhole photography. What that means is, that the book covers techniques for producing images without using a lens and only by using a pinhole.

WHY: The reason for my desire to do this kind of photography is the same that in recent years have drawn me back to analog photography. It makes me focus on the image taking proces rather than post-production processes, and it makes me visualise my final result much more, and finally it makes me experiment a lot.

WHEN: By showing you a lot of pinhole images shot by a lot of different cameras my book will hopefully be an inspiration for other photographers. I expect to publish it late in 2020 or early 2021, but will be presenting some images, some technique, and camera description on these pages as well – starting NOW 

WHICH: The cameras used for this project are of a wide variety from pinhole camera caps, self made pinhole cameras of different types, 3D printed cameras, very nice factory made pinhole cameras to some strange pinhole cameras with a huge curved film plane.

Currently I have or are exploring the following cameras:

  • Agfa Synchro Box, an old 120 film camera that I have modified from meniscus lens to pinhole camera.
  • Agfa Clack modified, as the previous an old 120 film camera that I have modified from meniscus lens to pinhole camera
  • Terrapin 3D printed panoramic camera using 120 film and a curved image plane for a 6×17 cm sized image. It has a laser drilled pinhole.
  • RealitySoSubtle, a brand new camera that, like the previous, uses 120 film and has a curved image plane, that produces a 6×17 sized image
  • Pinhead 6×6, another 3D printed camera for 120 film. The pinhole is made of thin slice of tin from a beer can
  • Pinhead 6×9, like the previous a 3D printed camera, though with a slightly larger image. Also this camera has beer can tin pinhole
  • Vermeer wide angle 4×5″ pinhole camera
  • Large format camera with a revolving pinhole holder with several sizes of pinholes
  • Wooden DIY wide angle camera for 5×7″ film holders with a laser drilled pinhole
  • DIY wide angle pinhole with holder for a graflex 6×12 film holder
  • 3D printed pinhole body cap for Canon EOS cameras – suits both film and digital cameras

More cameras and constructions will certainly come as I delve deeper into this theme after finishing my previous panoramic theme, and the book I made from that exploration. Read more here: Panoramic images directly in camera.

I hope you will have fun reading here, and will eventually support the project by obtaining my book, when it is published.

Camera: Terrapin 6×17 – film: Ektar 100