I recently have done a very thorough review of a very special camera, that at first appeared only to be some kind of toy. It was reviewed mainly during photographing for my recent book on Panoramic Images, that you can buy at the publisher Books on Demand.

Shooting this camera has been a complete revelation for me. At first I viewed at it with disgust and only regarded it as some kind of toy camera, but deciding to do the book on panoramic images I felt that I needed to get my hands on this camera/toy due to its very wide panoramic image format – 72mm by 33mm. I didn’t think I would exploit its ability to expose almost all the way to the edge of the film including the film advance sprockets in the frame.

Nevertheless, I came to think otherwise in all regards. Read my review and learn why this toy is actually one of the most fascinating cameras to use.

Old factory shot on expired film labeled Photo World