I have added some new themes to this site. Some of them will only live here on the internet, other are my preparation to publish another book on a certain kind of photography.

You will find the themes in menus but so far they are:

  • Panoramic Images is the article that describes my project on photographing panoramic images directly in camera. I have used a lot of different cameras both analog, some very old, and digital. My book on this theme is published, but you can read a little about it here, and you can also find images in my gallery – more images will appear there, as I don’t stop shooting for this theme just because I finished my book.
  • Pinhole Photography is another project, that I am currently photographing for and writing a book on. You will soon find images in my gallery as I progress on this project. And you can read some more here: Pinhole Photography.
  • Half frame images describes my project on using half frame cameras for producing small stories. Full frame is the 35mm frame of 24x36mm, but for half frame images you use only 18x24mm for each image (there is also some square formats like 24×24 that I might include). When scanning a normal full frame image you end up have to 18×24 images in each of your 24×36 frames. I use this to create small two image stories, or sometimes use more images for the story. I will probably also publish a book on this theme.
  • APS – Advanced Photo System is the story about refinding this obsolete film format and using it for creative purposes, as long as it is still possible to get film for it. Films for this format are always expired, as the last production of APS film happened in 2011, when both Fujifilm and Kodak as the last two producers shut down their production. Handling of expired film is not something new to me, but it gives another creative touch to this project. I’m not sure if I will produce a book on this theme, but as I like the process of creating books, I probably will.
  • Holgraphy is a shortening af Holga and Photography and it’s another theme for my photography. Initially, I hated the plasticky Holga cameras, and was disgusted by the image quality they produced. But as I refound analog photography in my creative work, I also became fond of these almost toy like cameras, and the way they forced you to engage as a photographer. I don’t like to think about when I scrapped my first Holga, one I received as part of a big box of cameras. There are reknown photographers that use Holgas to create great art, my favorite is Michael Kenna. Will this become another book from me? Like above I would say, I love the combination of creative photography and writing books, so why not. Read more on this project and follow its progress here: Holgraphy.

Furthermore, I am writing on an article on travelling light, that I also regard as a theme. But that will probably not become a book. As always, I will be testing cameras, primarily vintage cameras, and will keep posting more reviews on these, but I don’t regard this work as a theme.